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» Green Buildings & Pebs Pennar
Climate change, sustainability and green have become the most ubiquitous words in recent times. They have caught the attention of people across various sectors who are concerned with sustainable goals.

Sustainability is about maintaining the growth rates in economic prosperity and at the same time preserving the resources for the subsequent generations. The onus therefore lies on the present generation to resolve the paradox and accomplish the sustainable goals.

It has been widely acknowledged that buildings consume a major portion of materials, resources and energy, thus contributing directly or indirectly to the environmental maladies. Therefore the paradigm of green buildings has been evolved to counter the malignant effects on the environment.

Broadly speaking a green building is known to be
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally benign
  • Resource optimized
In India the rating for green buildings has been taken up by the Indian Green Building Council.

Its rating system is called the LEED (Leadership In Energy and Environmentally Design).

It has won the global approval and is used as a benchmark for gauging green building parameters.
» PEBS Pennar & Green Aspects
PEBS Pennar, with a major market share is a prime player in the pre fabricated metal buildings sector. Ever since its inception it has been the preferred choice for many of the customers across various sectors.

But our constant endeavor has always been to better ourselves and set ourselves loft goals. We at PEBS Pennar wish to champion the cause for a green future and act as a catalyst for a revolution for attaining sustainable goals.

Moreover the buildings that PEBS Pennar fabricates have some innate features that make them green to certain extent. But we believe in extending the obvious to an all new level and provide solutions to the customer in a very coherent manner.

PEBS Pennar is the premium player for LEED compliant green pre engineered buildings. Arguably we are the first player in the pre engineered buildings sector in India to offer comprehensive solutions for LEED compliance. Our design and methodologies should enable customer to get substantive number of LEED points that can contribute to the overall rating of the building as green.

Our LEED compliant buildings will appeal to the existing environmentally conscious players who have the intent to go green and at the same time provide a conducive scenario for others to follow.
» Green solutions from PEBS Pennar
Steel – the Green metal:
Steel is the basic material that is used in the construction of a pre engineered building. The usage of steel negates the usage of concrete and cement to a great extent thus mitigating any harmful effects associated with them.

Moreover steel has a substantial amount of recycled content in it. The metal roof and wall panels used by PEBS Pennar have at least 25 % recycled content in them. They are also 100 % recyclable in the future after the building has lived its life. The other major advantages of steel is that it has lower life cycle cost as it is easier to maintain.

Heat Island Effect:
PEBS Pennar uses metal roof panels that have high solar reflectance index (SRI). This will help in reducing the energy consumption and also in reducing the urban heat island effect.

Insulated Metal Panels:

PEBS Pennar offers effective insulation solutions for both the roof and walls. The panels have a superior R value that will contribute towards greater thermal and energy efficiency.

Usage of SkyLights:
Usage of Sky Lights helps in ushering natural light in the building. They ensure the minimum or negligible usage of artificial lighting thus contributing towards lesser emissions. The usage of natural lighting also  has a positive impact on the employee productivity.

Regional Materials Usage
Majority of the materials that are used by PEBS Pennar are procured form regional sources. This will ensure that the emissions associated with the transportation and logistics are negated.

Innovation & Design:
The pre engineered buildings are fabricated by PEBS Pennar using appropriate software. This ensures that resources that go into the manufacturing of the buildings are optimized.

Long bay Spacing:
PEBS Pennar offers large bay spacing that will help in reducing the number of footings for any site. This technique ensures that civil work is reduced, use of materials is optimized and also maintain ecological balance.

Renewable Energy Options
PEBS Pennar offers Double Lok roofing system. This will enable the installation of solar panels on the roof top. The usage of solar power can help the customers in meeting their power requirements  and at the same time reduce their emissions and in the process be eligible for carbon credits under CDM
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